Diane Danois

Meet Diane Danois, Esquire

Diane Danois is a Civil Attorney and certified former Complex Litigation paralegal with over three decades of practice management consulting experience in civil litigation including, but not limited to medical malpractice, toxic/environmental tort, product liability, pharmaceutical liability, and family law cases.   Combining her background in information technology and e-discovery, along with her knowledge and experience of the lifespan of a lawsuit, Diane delivers to her clients the tools needed to improve internal workflow processes and increase case value.  Working closely with the Officer Administrator(s) and Partner(s), Diane evaluates existing infrastructure, makes recommendations for any needed changes, revitalizes and optimizes policies and procedures, and provides one-on-one training to support staff and attorneys.  The result of this consultative and collaborative approach is an increase in support staff productivity, attorney work-product quality, and client retention and satisfaction.

  • Diane received her undergraduate degree from The George Washington University and her Juris Doctorate from Temple University School of Law.

  • Diane Danois is the author of “Cell Phones & Alimony,” which is available on iBookstore and Amazon.  She has also recently published, “Cohabitation and Alimony –  How to Prove Your Ex is Living With Someone Else” which is now available on iBooks and Amazon.