Consulting Engagements to Optimize Workflow and Utilization 

  • Critical to the success of any case management system is to implement processes and procedures for the workflow of every new case type scenario.  Success is measured by the goals and objectives set forth by the Management Team. (Assess > Optimize > Remediate > Train )
  • Assess  –  Analysis of current processes and procedures to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Optimize  –  Recommendations for redesign workflows to standardize, automate and improve processes and procedures. 

  • Remediate –  Following identification of areas that require remediation, meeting one-on-one to correct, educate and retrain attorneys and/or support staff. 

  • Train  –  One-on-one training of attorneys and support staff to show them how to use the systems to improve the quality of their work-product and align with office objectives. 

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