Training for Legal Case Management Software Programs

  • Many Firms find their users “lost” in the new environment post-implementation to a new software platform. Despite having participated in training sessions ahead of time, the fact is that different users learn differently. Some will pick up new technology quickly embrace the new program, while others will get lost in the bits and bytes. These users become frustrated, disenchanted, and are often unwilling to adopt the new program, leading to a predictable loss in your investment.
  • Additionally, many law firms invest in expensive case management solutions, but only use a fraction of those fancy features they purchased!

  • Under-utilization of software applications is the #1 complaint from most law firms.

  • Lack of (or poor) training is the #2 reason most firms are dissatisfied with their case management software

  • Maximize your investment by giving your team the requisite skills they need to be successful.
  • 1:1 or 1:Many Remote Training for the same price

  • Training available for the following programs:

    • Trialworks
    • Needles
    • Neos

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